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Dancin' Queen

What is that Beyonce Knowles and Lady Gaga. Wait are those telephones in their hair. Sorry Aunt Katie and Aunt Suzy but I had to. Thank you for opening our Talent show in such a hilarious way. You performed Telephone perfectly. You also had an impact on my litte Lilly.

My sister Karen was an awesome Sundancer in highschool. I must say they were definately one of the top Dancing team in our County. She let me take home some of her dancing gear including sequenced leg and arm warmers as seen above worn by Suzy and Katie. I turned the music on and Lilly was getting the "Lady GaGa" dress up on so she could dance. Thanks to Aunt Suzy and Aunt Katie that is what they call the sequenced warmers.


Everyone of our children have such a unique personality it is crazy, yet they are the same in so many ways. I am going to miss my twiners and Jaydn when they go to school this year. It will be very different to be home with one child. That hasn't happened in 4 years. I am really excited to have some fun adventures with Belly (as Kevin calls her). Kevin was practicing soccer with our kiddos and Ella wanted to join in. She was struggling to put the shin guards on and so I put the on her. Then she went hunting for the cleats and I helped her put them on two. She is not one to need help much. We call her our little survivor. Pretty independent too. Random thought but I love that when she naps she has to put the blanket over her head. She shuts the world out so she can get her rest. I feel like she is getting big tooo quickly.
So we like to try to give our kiddos some one on one time and we call the time a date. So when Kev or I need to run and errand then we choose one chil…

The drive home from Utah

Olivia and Jaydn enjoying the jumbo suckers Grandma gave them. They were pretty good travelers.

Jaydn and Maddy posing for the camera. I love when the are turkeys..... sometimes.

This is Ella after she barfed all over herself. Grandma gave her a lollipop and she loved wiping it all over her body. She was massaging her feet with sticky sucker. Yumm... Grandma and Grandpa are really the best. Grandma took all the kids to the bathroom while I bathed Ella in the bathroom sink and Grandpa cleaned up the barf. I do not know too many grandpa's willing to go that far. We are very blessed and lucky to have such great grandparents who are so willing to help.
Here are Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. We all gathered on the last evening and had a "Remember When" we all told stories of Grandma and Grandpa Johnson as we remembered them. It was a very neat way to end the reunion. It was so fun to be part of.
Here is Mom and Her family with their spouses. Tom and Annette, Grandma Johnson and Grandpa Johnson, Uncle Larry behind and Aunt Carol in front. Then Aunt Diane and Uncle Wayne.

Here are all the grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa. We are missing Payton, Scarlet, and one of Aunt Carol's grandchildren. Such a fun group.

Here is Gabriella kissing Cali. They are one month apart a play so well together.

Brinlee, Nevaeh, Cali, and Gabriella are fun cute cousins. Brinlee is 6 months older then the other three

Christy was the official media personel for the weekend.

We love water so we found some. I was not so fond of the tiny leaches, they freaked me out.

Some of the 3 and 4 year old cousins. Love this picture. Not sure whats up with my face but oh well.
in the very back: Packer, Liz, and Benji in the front: Olivia, Ryder, Carter, Paisley, and Madalyn we are on our way to the crick.

Olivia Left and Madalyn Right. Love this picture of them. They are getting to become little girls and no baby left in them :(

Grandma playing games with cousins.

Our trip to Utah

We went to Utah for a Johnson Family reunion. Kevin was unable to make it with us but his Mom and Dad were kind enough to help me drive out there with the kiddos. The drive out there was awesome. No barfing and very happy kids. We spent one night at Aunt Jana and Uncle Ben's house then up to Fruitland, Utah we went. Sasha (Kevin's cousin) was so kind to allow us to stay at her Mother and Father in laws cabin. The cabin was very beautiful. Jaydn played all day long. The kids loved meeting new counsins and playing with Old cousins as well.

Lilly loved the play area.

Here is Paisley pushing Madalyn on the swing. So cute. Paisley is Sasha's cute little girl who is the same age as Lilly and Maddy.

All the "big kids" made it to "Big Rock". We took a hike to this rock it was a quick fun hike. Jaydn wanted to hang out with the "Big Kids" all weekend long. (Jaydn, Bryce, Benji, Halee, Jack, and Braden)


So yes I have put a ton of PA on my blog. For the last two weeks I have posted all about PA. And I still have a bit more to post on PA. Here is why.
My blog is my personal journal also. I want my children to remember what they can about this trip because Pennsylvania means a lot to me. I love that we can share these experiences with others through blogging. Pennsylvania is a place that I love very dearly. Here are some answers to questions that friends have. We had the opportunity to take our kids for the first time as a family to PA. We were out there for 3 weeks. My family came together for a reunion, with the exception of a brother whose wife was having her baby. Our entire family has not been together for 5 years and counting. Only my Mom and my sister Suzy actually live in PA. We have a ton of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and friends that live there also. My Mother is also considering moving. It will be sad not to a place to go home to where I was born and raised and have so many wonder…

Camp Fire

Singing and hanging out at the campfire. Jaydn, Liz, Jodi, and Suzy. This is after our lightening bug catching contest. We had 3 minutes and the most caught was 60. Yep Leeah, Brookie, and I caught that many. Free blizzards from Dairy Queen for us.
Chubby Bunny Jaydn
Jaydn, Olivia, Kevin, and Madalyn cooking smores. Yummy.

Uncle Kip was the champ Aunt Sadie Laugher. Who would have ever thought he could laugh so good.

Uncle Bary and Aunt Amanda with Lil Bary.

Lake Erie

Madalyn, Gabriella, and Jaydn on a beach of Lake Erie. Not too cold fun water play.

Left to right Jill, Liz, Erin, Suzy, Bary, Katie, Karen, MaryBeth, Jodi, Amanda. All my sisters, my nephew, two sister-in-laws, and my niece. And my baby niece Jessie. Lots of Legs.

Jaydn was squirting everyone with the gun. Then Lil Bary got a hold of the gun and was so annoying with it. I wanted to break the gun by the end of the day!

Madalyn in the pink life jacket and Olivia in the blue jacket. Lots of fun at the beach.

Gabriella was lovin on all the sand.

Grandma Farkas's Farm

I love how Ella is the only one looking for the picture. We were trying to call the cows.

Kevin has more skills with the Camera then I do. Cute Bellie Button is what he calls her.

The grass is getting her.

My cute little niece Jessie. She is a ham and played nicely with Ella. Miss her a bit and her mommy too. Love you Kar!

The grass is as tall as Jessie. She was sooo cute playing in it!

Grandma Farkas's farm

If you know me well, you know that I do not have camera skills. But I thought Grandma Farkas's farm had lots of fun places to take pictures. Like I said, I do not have the camera or skills to be a photographer. But here they are. Olivia, Gabriella, and Madalyn. Wow Ella is getting so big. Jaydn just loves to strike a pose.
What boy doesn't love a tractor. Thank you Uncle Ed for letting us invade your barns.

Madalyn and Olivia a little unsure of sitting on the tractor.

What cute girls.

Can't go to PA without visiting the Amish

So while in PA we cleaned out 50 years of raising kids in my mothers house. So we rented a dumpster. It is typical for the Amish to ride in their buggies down our road. So I walked outside to this nice man dumpster diving in our trash. He did ask a brother first. I have heard that it is against their religion to have pictures taken of them. SO I asked and he said they are not suppose to pose but if I wanted a picture to take it from a distance. They took lots of Jars and anything metal.

This is typical to see in New Wilmington about 10 minutes from my home town. I think Amish children are so adorable. In the summertime they do not wear shoes. This picture was taken at a market that my mom buys baking ingredients at. Their names are the Bylars. They are a very nice Amish family who have a shop right by their home. We bought home made grape nuts from them. Olivia loves them. We brought them home and every morning Lilly asks for the Amish cereal.