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Feather Fiesta Days

A Tradition every Mothers Day weekend that we love!

2 year check up

Thomas had his 2 year check up today and his stats are better. He is now in the 10% for weight which is awesome. This past year he had been in the 2 to 3% weight. He should be saying 2 to 3 word sentences and is saying 4 plus words in sentences. He communicates well.   "No" is one of his favorite ways to communicate. He can throw a ball. He can sing his favorite songs (I am a Child of God and Sunbeam). He repeats anything we say "Oh my goodness" is a favorite.  He is right where he should be on playing with others and not sharing. We are working on the sharing part.  We love having him in our family. I am grateful for a healthy toddler today.


Birthday fun!