Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love Pennsylvania

This is the John Johnson farm where Emma and Joseph Smith lived for about a year. This is where the mob came and took Joseph from his home. It was neat to see this again with my family.

Some of the Bowser family. This is probably about half of the Bowser side.

This is the craft room. I love to do crafts. I was impressed that even Emma Smith had a craft room.

This is where we began our tour. It is the room where the horses and carriages would be kept.

One of my favorite things about having grown up in PA is that we were in the Kirtland, Ohio Stake. Living a mile from the border our boundaries fell in the Ohio Stake. We were very blessed to have many opportunities to participate in functions held at the John Johnson Farm and the Kirtland temple, as well as the Kirtland area which was restored to it's original state in Joseph Smith's time. I had a great time sharing my memories with Kevin and the kids.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Each Catch

Madalyn's catch

Ella's catch with the help of Grandma.

Lilly's catch.

And Jaydn's catch.

Gabriella's first fishing experience.

Thank you Grandma for helping. Looks like the pictures are in reverse. I love Grandma and Ella's faces. They are so cute.

This is when she was actually holding the pole. Ella had the pole in the water too. The helper kid was trying to just keep the line in the water. It was so fun to watch.

She is doing a good job holding the pole to get bait on.

We love the fishing Derby by Kiwanis Club

For the last two years the Kiwanis Club has stocked the lake with fish. They also stock a tub with fish for children 5 years and younger. All four of my Kiddos caught a fish within 5 minutes. Jaydn loves to fish in ponds and lakes, I'm not sure the girls will like real fishing after this though. It was fun to watch their reactions to catching the fish. They were pretty floppy.

Lilly was concentrating pretty hard.

What Maddy you already caught yours and mom did not even have time to take a picture.

Jaydn looooooves to fish.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduating Kindergarten

After Thursday Jaydn will no longer be a Kindergartener. My cute little boy is growing up so quickly.
He did a very good job in school this year. It is crazy sending your child into the world and hoping he stands
strong without you. I am so happy with all he has learned this year. A couple friends and family members wondered if he was
having a kindergarten graduation. I asked his teacher and was relieved to hear they were not having one. Really a kindergarten graduation? Hmmmm

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

We went to Jack London square and ate at the best restaurant called el Pescatore sp?  The restaurant has the best carpaccio and seafood.  Been craving it ever since we went three weeks ago.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun Pictures

Ella starting her fit. Kevin was yelling with her. She is a funny girl.

Yum that purple flower tastes pretty sweet Dada.
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More Family Pictures

Look at those muscles!

Double trouble.
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Family Pictures Back in April

Gabriella, Madalyn, Olivia, and Jaydn

My two cute boys.

Love this Picture. No one is looking and we are all in the picture.
Hmm where should we go to take family Pictures.
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