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First Day of School!!!! Jaydn started 2nd grade and Olivia and Madalyn started kindergarten.
Olivia, Gabriella, Madalyn, and Jaydn all ready to walk to Standford Avenue to start our first day of school.
Here are there cool poses. Maddy was so excited to start school this year. Maddy kept telling me if she were scared then she could just hang out with Olivia and her friends she already knew.
Here is Olivia's cool pose. She too was super excited to start school this year. No signs of being nervous to stay yet...
Jaydn's goofy pose. When he gets excited he starts to act silly. He is in a class with two teachers who split the week. We pray that it goes well.
I did have to shed a tear or two thinking of how fast time has gone by. It was not too long ago that we were praying that they would be healthy happy babies and obviously our prayers were answered. Now off to school.
They have been in school for 9 days now and I really do miss them a lot. They are pretty exhausted by the…

Happy Birthday Kev

We celebrated Kevin's birthday yesterday as a family. Just us 6, which is not a normal birthday for Kevin. Usually we get to be with his parents and siblings on his birthday, but unfortunately they were out of town. He was super grateful that his siblings all called on his birthday though. I thought it was funny that the majority of his siblings that did call mentioned him not getting a birthday cake from his mom. (lol) Good thing he has a wife to make him a cake! We really enjoyed our Sunday.
Kevin is an amazing Daddy. We all know that he takes a huge part in being a Dad in our family. We all appreciate him.
Gabriella was being a pill so Kev put her in a time out as I was cooking dinner. We went to check on her and she had fallen asleep like this.
So the good Dad that Kevin is... he tucked her in for well needed nap.
Here are all the kids helping Kevin open his presents. They love to open presents. It got to the point where we had to stop them because they were not even …