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Maddy and Lilly love taking care of the kittens

Grandma and Grandpa found these kitties abandoned in their garage. Aunt Shannon has taken them under her wing and now when we come to visit, Maddy and Lilly give the kitties lots of attention. They rarely get put down.

Gabriella Fun!

Ella is so fun with the camera.
I love when toddlers get to the stage where they cheese it up for the camera.

She is big stuff on the seats of the swing.

Giving loves to Laci. She really enjoys her neighbor friend.

She likes to ride the swing like the big kids do. She is always
trying to do everything like her older siblings. Here she is swinging with
Owen. I can not believe how big she has gotten in such a short amount of time.
She is already about 17 months old.

Feather Fiesta Days

We love to go to the Parade every year for Feather Fiesta Days
Kevin's family sits in the same area every year. The kids love it!

I love that Brady's shirt matches the girls outfits.
We are all just waiting for the parade to start.

Ella was in heaven eating candy for the entire parade.

Madalyn and Olivia so excited to get candy!

A's vs. Giants

Christina, Dustin, Kev, and I had an awesome little get away down in Oakland.
We were hoping the Giants would win, but sadly they lost.
Thank you Christy for the sweet tickets. Baseball is actually more fun to watch
then I realized. It was pretty cold though.

Kev and I at the Hotel. I love the funny faces
he has to make for the camera.

On Saturday morning before the trip back home we went to the
Oakland temple. It was a great experience. I love being there


Everyday we walk Jaydn to school and pick him up from
school. The girls never fail to pick me flowers. I finally decided
that even dandelions could be put in a vase of water. Especially
if they are from the ones you love the most. I cherish these moments
because they won't last forever.

Way Too Long since my Last Blog

Wow it has been way too long since my last blog.
As you can see this is not my top priority even though I find
it a great resource for journaling my family life.
I am going to try and catch up. I'll start off with my little cuties Madalyn and Olivia.

I went to check on them at nap time. They were closing their eyes and as I
went to take the picture Madalyn smiled. She was obviously not sleeping. It was so cute.

Because I started to laugh at Madalyn then both girls started to get the giggles.

Oh man now I got them started. It was sooo funny. Especially because we were
all tired and you know how it is to have the giggles when your tired.

Love those twins!