Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a good older brother!

I asked Jaydn to watch Gabriella for a second while I got her jammies. I looked over at them and they looked
so cute that I ran to get my camera and I came back to a cuter picture. Jaydn was just enjoying his cute little sister.
Jadyn will hold her for ever, he loves having Gabriella.

Then of course he wanted to pretend like he was sleeping. He is a funny little guy.
He had to look at the picture after to make sure he did a good job pretending to be asleep.
I love little kids!
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Karen you are going to flip!

My cute little Maddie had a present for me. Look in her hand it is a flippin
snake that she found in the back yard. I was a little freaked even though it is
only a red racer it is still a snake. She was holding it like it was a toy and playing with it.

Karen (sis) I bet you are cringing in your skin. I remember when we offered you
pringles when we were younger and there were no pringles in the can but it was a dead
snake from the back yard. Yeah Mom was not happy with us she thought you might have had a
heart attack. I say it was pay back for Jodi and I carrying you up the road b/c your ankle was twisted and hurting. Or so you said. Little stinker you!

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Gabriella is smiling!

The first thing people say when they see her is Ohhh she has such a cute nose!
I love her nose too!

I love her dimples when she smiles.

It is so fun to get her to respond to us in such a cute way.

Open mouth smiles are the best!
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Anika had her baby 6 weeks early and Baby and Mom are doing great!

Anika (Hughes) Massie (Sp?)had her baby yesterday and
both the baby and Anika are doing great!
Mackenna Elizabeth (sp?) 6 lbs. 14oz 19 3/4" long.
She is so healthy and the family is happy.

Anika is doing great. The c-section went well.
Anika wanted all her friends to see her new cute baby so I thought I would
blog it for her!

Darwin is an awesome Dad already! He even changed a poopy diaper!

Anika fed her well, she already has cute chubby cheeks and a double chin!
Welcome Mackenna Elizabeth!
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Christy (Kev's Sister) brought her family to Gabriella's blessing

To most people this is a decent amount of people to attend the blessing but our numbers were small
for Gabriella's blessing, considering Kevin comes from a family of 12 and so do I.
We were so greatful for Christy and Rob to drop everything and come up to the blessing.
We were glad Kevin's Aunts came too!

We had lots of fun! Even if Christy's family was cheering for the underdogs in the super bowl!
Camden was an awesome supporter of the Cardinals!

Cute cousins! This is Kevins neice Shaelyn. She is a sweet girl!

Jaydn loves his cousin Camden. Look how cute Carter is with his legs up in the air.
Thanks a ton for coming Eggers family!
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Gabriella was blessed on Sunday

She had a long day!

Cute dimples!

What a cute baby in such a pretty dress.
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Kevin's Mom made the dress!

I love this picture. Look how stinking cute all three of them are!

Look how pretty the dress is. Kev's Mom made it, she is so talented.

Picture of Gabriella and Liz on Gabriella's blessing day.

Daddy and Gabriella. Kev did such a good job on the blessing.
What an awesome Dad!
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Kids are great.

Gabriella is now one month old. She is an awesome baby!

Gabriella is getting bigger. I love this outfit on her!

Olivia is in the blue leggings and Madalyn is in the pink leggings.
I can not believe how big they are. The are so fun at this age!
Lilly's face is so diva in this picture.

Here we go Steelers Here we go, Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl.
Sweet game too!
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