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After Reno for a day we went to Pioneer, CA

Aunt Christy and Uncle Rob have a cabin in Pioneer California. So after spending some Q.T. with Bary and Amanda, we drove to Pioneer. No barfing again. Yippee for us. We got to play with cousins and go to the snow. It was a pretty fun relaxing weekend.
Ella's all bundled up. She loved to sled ride with Dad and mom down the hill. It was very cute when we took her down the hill she would giggle. There is something so rewarding about getting a giggle out of you little kiddos.

Jaydn was a pro sledder. He was even trying to hit the jump. Made it a couple of times. Once with the help of Dad giving him a huge push.

Madalyn was loving the sled rides with Braden (cousin). Braden is so helpful with our kids.

Cute little poser with boogies coming out of her nose.

Lunch time. We found the top of a picnic table. It was kind of cool. We sat on it and put our feet on the benches. The ground was covered with snow up to the benches. Pretty fun.

Jaydn, Olivia, and Dad went to the steep…

cont of SCI convention

This one gave me the chills a little disgusting and disturbing. Jaydn thought it was pretty cool though.

Angry Kitty. I was very impressed with the skills of some of the Taxidermist work. They were definitely amazing. I learned that there is an art to being a Taxidermist.

Olivia (above) and Madalyn (Below) really liked the kitty. It was very beautiful and looked friendly.

Went .to SCI convention in Reno

We went to visit Reno, NV for a day, mainly to see my brother Bear and sister-in-law Amanda. He was working at the SCI (Safari Club International) show. It is one of the biggest conventions for hunters in the US. He was selling hunting tours to Alaska. He has always been an avid hunter. Family and hunting are pretty much his life. So we took off Friday morning to Reno. In the words of Maddy, "We had a good trip no one barfed." That is soo true. We have a box of plastic baggies in our car for barfers. Every trip since Jaydn was a baby we have had a barfer. The drive to Reno was fairly pleasant. We had the opportunity to get into the show and see all of the amazing animals and the beautiful work that the taxidermist did.

Gabriella did not trust this animal enough to look at the camera. It was kind of cute.

It was like going to the zoo, just no fences and you could pet the animals. Take note of what the kids are wearing. Most of the women there were wearing some kind of real an…