Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is a rare occasion for us. Gabriella is usually screaming and throwing a fit at the store. Seriously 90 percent of the time. Heaven sent today. She just went right to sleep.
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Update

The Halloween candy for each of my kiddos. Holy cow it seems like a ton!

It is tradition the past couple of years to go to Grandmas house after trick or treating. Grandma makes her yummy cocoa and we eat donuts. Thanks grammy for the yummy cocoa. Gabriella was showing uncle Michael her treats.

The girls wanted to be their princess butterflies again. Jaydn was Mr.Incredible for school and a vampire for trick or treating. He actually figured out his outfit.
He loved being a vampire. A little dark for me, but he is a good little guy so it was ok.

Our cute little butterflies done getting treats.

Gabriella did not want to wear her wings the entire night. She did great for how late it got by the time we were done.

We took homemade sugar cookie to Madalyn and Olivia's class. Madalyns cookie looks sooo yummy. So thankful for my mother-in-law. I took a recipe that I had made and refridgerated on Sunday to moms house. This was my first time making surgar cookies. As we rolled it out it seem to start melting. Cookie dough should not melt. So we cut and baked them anyway. When the timer went off Mom started to laugh. (something I love about Kevin's family, they always luagh even when times get frustrating) After seeing the flat buttery cookies I tried to figure out why they were not cooking well. I even used my pampered chef stones to bake them on. So I soon realized that I did not put enough flour in them. I doubled everything else except the flour. Grrrr. Uncle Michael got his trick or treat wish and had then entire cookie dough all to himself to eat. Mom made me new dough and the cookies were seriously perfect. I am grateful she spent her sunday night helping me. If I were home alone doing this I would have been stressed and crying. I am grateful for her help and positive outlook because I could actually laugh about the situation.
Olivias cookie. The class loved decorating the cookies and loved eating them as well. They were grub. I also love that her recipe did not require you to put the dough in the refridgerator at all.

The costume parade at school was also lots of fun. Olivia held Gabriella's hand so she could be in it too.

This is the only picture I got of Jaydn, because my battery went dead. I need a new camera bad!

Madalyn holding Ella's hand for the costume parade. We went in and out of each classroom. It was crazy. We did get to see all of the schools costumes though.

Gabriella walking to school for Halloween. We love to live a couple of blocks away from the school. Summer months are a little hot but for the most part it is very convenient.
Sleeping kid pictures are priceless. Little Ella fast asleep.
Jaydn does not like to wear shirts to bead these days.

Olivia on her pink bed and Madalyn on her green bed. This is how we found Madalyn the other night. Looks uncomfortable to leave your sunglasses on while sleeping, but it worked for her.

Jaydn's birthday Dinner. Hawaiian Haystacks.

Jaydn requested a picture of himself on his cake. He stood beside me and told me how to draw it. He also put the sprinkles on it. Good job bud!

Jaydn's 7th birthday. His own tackle box filled with fishing gear. The funny part of this is that we hid this in our closet and he found it before his birthday. He was hoping it was for him. This is one of the treasures we found while thrifting. It was nicer then the tackle boxes we looked at in Cabellas and it was filled with a ton of gear. He loved it. I love also that he told us that he found it. He waited until he opened it to tell us though. Smart guy!

He loves the SF Giants too, so he finally got a hat.

All the boys at school in 2nd grade are into pokeman cards. So funnny that they are making a come back. I am intersted in knowing if other kids his age are into them outside of Oroville?

Happy 7th birthday Jaydn. We love him so much. He is a great oldest child who wants to do his best at everything he does. We appriciate his humor and his love he shares with us! We love you bud.

The girls went to the Books Family Farm in Durham this year for the pumpkin patch. It was ok. I have to admit that Bishops Pumpkin Patch is amazing. Unfortunately we did not make it there this year. This is Gabriella, Madalyn, Grace, and Olivia.
The pumpkin patch did have animals that were pretty cool though.

September update

Madalyn loves to ride her bike through our backyard into Rob and Raes back yard and back. I do not know what we will do when the time comes that one of us move out of the house.
Olivia and Owen hanging out on the Barths swing.

Gabriella playing in the neighbors yard. What will we do when we/they move. We love that the kids can go back and forth as they please.

Jaydn's ninja powers. He likes to be the leader of there little group. He is the oldest and we all know how that goes when you kids.

Lilly having fun with Owen again.

Celebrated my 31st birthday with some friends at Celestinos. These boys are hilarious. I think Rob was trying to give Paul a little tickle. My camera caught the blur of it. Thanks friends for hanging out on that night.

The girls that came. We had a good evening of pizza and bowling. The girls all did real well at bowling. It was by far my worst bowling night ever but it was a ton of fun.

Kevin and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Reno, Nevada. It was tons of fun. We celebrated with some friends Jimmy and Amy who were celebrating their 20 year aniversary. They took us thrift store shopping. We scored some awesome deals. Thanks JAMES and AMES for showing us the sweet places to go! I am so grateful for my cute hubby who makes life so entertaining.
My September photo shoot of the baby bump. This is 28 weeks prego. I get big quick.

Catch up of August

I love to watch Jaydn play soccer. He is just like his Dad! Sweet soccer player. He has scored severl goals this year and is the youngest on the team. Kevin coaches his team called the Mustangs. Luck for us we have only had one game overlap.

Olivia is pretty aggressive when we cheer her on from the side lines. Soccer season is coming to an end. Next year all three of our soccer age children will be on the same team. It will be awesome.

Madalyn is an awesome defender. She really thinks about where she needs to be to stop that ball and turn it to her goal. I love this age of soccer because they are so cute. Kids score goals for the opposing team, occasional tears from being sad they got hurt, always a swarm of players all in one spot, and super excited when a goal is scored. I love it!

Gabriella is not playing soccer but always having fun. Extra cake batter left over makes for a messy little girl.

Jaydn on opening day back at the beginning of August. Go Mustangs!
Soccer season began. Olivia and Madalyn are on the Toucans. Lucky for us the coaches are our friends Rob and Raeanne Barth. Their first game they both scored goals. It was pretty sweet.

There are three girls on the U-6 team and really they are the best players. It has been a hot soccer season.

Jaydn loves to have friends over. So back in August when the temperature was triple digits everyday we turned on the water so that the kids could get cooled off. Well they found mud. I was a little shocked but had to laugh. Who doesn't like to mud slide with their friends. This is Jaydns friend Jack.

Surprisingly the girls were ok with getting a little Muddy too!