Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk or Treat

At the ward trunk or treat the children had a parade. Lilly and Maddy grabbed hands because they were unsure what they
were suppose to be doing. This is one of those cute moments when having a sibling is helpful!
Aren't they cute little fairy princesses. Maddy in the pink and Lilly in the green.

Jaydn was a cowboy and very handsome too!

Kevin and I are bacon and eggs. Poor Kev, nobody new what he was unless they saw me.
This was the best costume we could find without duplicating anyone else. It was hard to find
a costume that would look ok with my big belly. Everyone kept saying when is the yolk going to pop? (when is the baby due)
Kev is such a good sport! We love him tons!
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More Pumpkin Patch

Jaydn and the girls were excited to ride the train.

My cute boys!

Daddy and his little girlies!

I love my sweet son!
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The Pumpkin Patch

This is not our dog. But he sure was cute and entertained us. We pull up to the pumpkin patch
and this dog walked up to our car. The kids got very excited to see a dog. I opened the sliding door to the van and this dog
decided to get in the van. The kids were no longer smiling but freaked out. I could not stop laughing. As Kevin and I
were yelling on the top of our lungs for the dog to get out of the car, the owner of the pumpkin patch comes up to us apologizing. We finally
get "buddy" out of the car and he lays down for us to pet him (as you see above). He was not even the pumpkin patch owners dog. It was apparently the neighbors dog. It was such a sweet dog. Needless to say the owner waived our parking fee!

I could not get the kids to look at the camera. The were a bit
frightened by the emu.

Lilly and Jaydn wanted to play with the little piggies!

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Make a Difference Day

For make a difference day our family joined many other families from the Oroville
wards to plant trees at Riverbend park. Each family was able to plant their own tree. It was tons of fun!

Grandpa was so patient with the twins when they helped dig the hole! We missed grandma
but she was at the temple with a family from her ward. The family was being sealed together!

Here is our tree! Maddy has such a big smile and Lilly is trying so hard to look at the camera.

Thanks grandpa for taking a picture of our family!
We had a fun day!
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Pumpkin Day at Preschool

Jaydn and Alia Bruce in the jump house! We like having so many
church friends in Jaydn's preschool class!

Jaydn decorating his pumpkin with Paige Hancock.

LeAnne was at pumpkin day with Paige as well! What a good

After pumpkin day at preschool I had to stop by and pick up
some apples to make an apple pie for the ward activity. This was the apple farm
that we stopped by! I love this picture of Jaydn, he is so cute!
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Jaydn's Birthday Party

Jaydn playing duck duck goose at his birthday party.

Jaydn running from the goose. He had a ton of fun at his party
and was so excited that all his friends could be there.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Little Monster's

Lilly and Maddy love the Dracula teeth! Isn't Olivia's hair awesome! She hates keeping ponies in it! I will do her hair and 30 minutes later she will take it out! What a stinker!
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Making Dinner Together

We had yummy pizza for dinner and the kids were able to make it themselves!
Olivia is concentrating on putting the bacon perfectly on the pizza!

Jaydn is wanting everyone to look at how cool his pizza looks!

Madalyn is showing us her pizza that she made all on her own!

This was an awesome fun dinner to have the kids help me on and it was way easy too!
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Say Yes to Proposition 8 Help preseve traditional marriage.

So last night our church held a meeting to help us better understand the reason it is so important to vote yes on Proposition 8. Here is a link to a video created by some local friends who are encouraging us to get out and vote Yes!

It was great to see Evan and Bridget Papa in the Satellite broadcast of the meeting last night! Good job Bridget on you smart questions!

Legalizing same-sex marriage necessarily mandates changes to all California public-school curriculum. Children will be subjected to a mandatory acceptance of homosexuality and all of it's practices. Public school curriculum will actively discriminate against the values of the majority of its community's families.

Propostion 8 doesn't take away any rights or benefits from gay or lesbian domestic partners. (Family Code 297.5) Under California Law.
Under California law, they "shall have the same rights, protections and benefits" as married spouses.

This is truly an important time to vote yes on proposition 8. If we lose this battle many of us will suffer the consequences in due time. Please help preserve traditional marriage.

Liz Robertson

Olivia and Madalyn in their cute rain coats ready to go out in the rain.
As many of you know I love to bargin shop. I especially love Old Navy because they
have such good deals. The rain coats only cost me 97 cents each!

Doesn't Jaydn have such a cute cheese ball smile in this picture!

It was raining and we wanted to play somewhere so we went to the church gym!
Here are Kevin and Jaydn taunting the girls and I while we try to dodge them with the ball!

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Olivia and Madalyn in the clean laundry basket. GRRRRRRRR! I hate when they sit in the clean clothes before
I get a chance to fold them. But they were so stinking cute with there bears I could not get frustrated with them. They
love to pretend that they are little mommies! Man my twins are so stinking cute!

This is cute Maddy huging her bear.

This is cute Lilly (Olivia) holding her bear. For those of you who do not know why we call her Lilly, it is because
Jaydn called her Olillia when she was first born and we all started to call her Lilly. I love the name Lilly too!
It seems to be a tradition beings that my brother called me Bizzy when he was little. Brad could not say Elizabeth so he just said Bizzy.
Up until I graduated highschool my name was Bizzy. Once I got to college Jodi and I decided to change it to Liz.
For my family it was weird when Kevin always called me Liz instead of Bizzy.

Here is Jaydn in his fun bubble bath!
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