Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just hanging out after a sweet dinner Justin made for all of us!

Look how much hair Kooper has. LeAnne looks great for having a week old baby.

The boys trying to relax after dinner.

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We love our Friends!

Rob holding his baby due in May, Justin holding Kooper, and Kevin holding Gabriella.
Their is something in the water here!

Who knew Justin was taking some pictures when we were not paying attention!

I do not think she was really picking. I think she was trying to figure out what Liz was drawing for Pictionary.

Owen fast asleep in Robs arms.
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Going to Justin and LeAnne's for dinner.

Kevin drove to Justin and LeAnne's and we walked.

Gabriella just hanging out at J and L's house

Little Kooper being held by Paige and Grace waiting for her turn.

Owen was a bit sleepy watching the movie.
What a cute little guy!
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Lil and Mad hugging for the picture.

Paige Hancock introduced my girlies to Princess attire and dress up.
So for thier birthday they got some cute dress up from Paige and Grace.
Here is Lilly and Paige.

Mad and Lil with their new dress up clothes.
They like to wear their pants below their belly so the dress up shows a
bit of the middle if you haven't noticed. They are so fun.

Thank you Aunt Mary Beth and Aunt Karen for the cute towel for Gabriella.
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Lilly and Maddy's Birthday Cake!

It's a Strawberry. Kev thought it looked like grapes.
I am not the best cake decorator but Raeanne is helping out a lot. She is
pretty creative. She helped me figure out how to make the girls the cakes
they requested. She helped me with Jaydn's cake too!

Lilly wanted flowers.

LeAnne just had her baby so she did not make it to the girls party.
We appriciated Justin and the girls being there. Rob and Rae were there too!
We love our friends and love the fact that they live in our neighborhood. Lucky us!

I love this shirt on Michael. The last time he wore it, it was at the girl's b-day party
and I told him I liked the shirt and he said apparntly you do because everytime
I wear it you tell me that it is a sweet shirt.
I thought it was funny because I thought that was the first time I ever told him.
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Happy Birthday Girlies!

Maddy and Grammy holding Gabriella.

Lilly and Papa.
How stinking cute!

I love Paige's face in this picture.
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Poor Kein's knee and Happy Birthday Lil and Mad.

Kevin had surgery on his ACL and Miniscus (sp?) Poor guy has been in pain for days.
He is now able to use one crutch. On occasion he uses no crutches at all.

My twins are three. I cannot believe it!

Grandma could not resist buying them their favorite Tinkerbell boots.
They were pretty excited.
This is Lilly showing us her awesome boots.

Maddy got sparkling Hannah Montana lip gloss.
I am wondering how she even knows who Hannah Montana is.
We do not watch the show, I do not even think we get her on our basic cable.
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We love to play outside! This is at the Stanford elementary school playground.

What a poser.

Cute little Gabriella!

Maddy loves to swing!

Lilly loves to swing too!
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