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Worn Out

Ella's first time swimming really wore her out. We sat her down, she found her toes and was out. I realize we may be a little biased, but she is so cute!


Ella's first time Swimming and she loved it, cool water and all.

Jaydn loved jumping off of the ladder.

I think the ladder specifically says no jumping!

Lilly could touch this year. She is loving the pool!
Maddy kept bouncing up and down.


Lilly and her barf bowl.
:( so sad

Thursday - Jaydn Barfing all day
Friday - No one sick not so bad until
Saturday- Madalyn barfing all day ugggh not again
Sunday - Liz barfing - what I never get sick when the kids do
Monday -Lilly barfing all day
Monday Night -Kevin barfing
Oh my goodness I should have just swabbed all of our mouths with
Jaydn's germs on thursday. I clorox and lysol the house and still we all got sick.
Thank heavens Ella did not get it!

My poor family. At least it was not the swine flu!

Girls Night

Grandma and the twins at Riverbend Park.

Lilly holding Ella and Maddy staring on. They wanted a picture on the bear.

Maddy was trying to pull Lilly into the spinklers. Lilly was a little nervous.
They had so much fun.

Liz holding Lilly and Aunt Kelsey holding Maddy. I am not sure
why I thought I would get out of there w/o getting wet. It was tons of fun.

Happy Mother's Day

Here are my 4 beautiful children who made me some awesome stuff for Mother's Day!

Saturday night we got a babysitter to watch the kids while we went out to dinner and to pick
out carpet with Kevin's parents, brothers, sister's, and sister-in-law. My babysitter (Bailey Nore and Presley)
helped the kids each paint a mothers dayrock and picture on the paper. I absolutely love the rocks.
They are my newest decoration on our piano. We have the best babysitters. They go above and beyond.

Here is a coupon book that Jaydn made in Primary for me.
(I had Sharing Time this month so I helped him make it in S.T.)
So cute that they day he got it he chose to give me a hand massage from it and
a foot massage from it. So I have already used two of my 5 coupons. He is such a
sweet little guy.

Here is what Jaydn made me at school. A picture box (I have yet to fill it with pictures).
And a card. The carnation is from church. All the mom's got one.

I love being a Mom. It has been quite an …

Feather Fiesta Day Parade

I love this picture because it all the kids are doing something different.
Jaydn is plugging his ears because the Shriner cars are too loud.
Olivia is looking at the Shiner cars with great amazement.
Madalyn and cousin Payton are eating candy.
All happening while Grandma is smiling in the background.
Can't forget Aunt Shannon who is holding Ella probably just as excited
as Olivia to see the Shriner Cars.
It isn't a real parade unless their are Shriner guys driving their cars!

Ella was intrigued by the small Shriner cars. It was cute to watch her looking at them.

Holy cow the kids filled up their baskets with lots of candy.

Here we are sitting waiting for the parade to start.