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My mom came to visit...

On Wednesday of last week my mom flew into Sacramento to come visit with my family. The plan was to drive to Utah this past Monday and enjoy our Utah family for 3 weeks, have a little girls weekend, catch up with my siblings, then have a week with Kevin's entire family. Saturday rolled around and we had a very disappointing phone call that Aunt Patty (mom's sister) passed away. Although it was something we new would eventually be coming, we did not realize she would go this quickly. She had been battling cancer that eventually took over her entire body. We are grateful for the peace she has now. My mother was very disappointed that she was not there. My mother had been helping take care of her for the last few months. Had my mother known that Aunt Patty was so close to passing on, she would have stayed with her until she died. Really I feel for my mother losing her mother and sister all in a year. She is an amazingly strong person. She has lost so many loved ones so…
Having fun with Amma. Yeah for peanut butter cookies.
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