Friday, July 22, 2011

My mom came to visit...

On Wednesday of last week my mom flew into Sacramento to come visit with my family. The plan was to drive to Utah this past Monday and enjoy our Utah family for 3 weeks, have a little girls weekend, catch up with my siblings, then have a week with Kevin's entire family. Saturday rolled around and we had a very disappointing phone call that Aunt Patty (mom's sister) passed away. Although it was something we new would eventually be coming, we did not realize she would go this quickly. She had been battling cancer that eventually took over her entire body. We are grateful for the peace she has now. My mother was very disappointed that she was not there. My mother had been helping take care of her for the last few months. Had my mother known that Aunt Patty was so close to passing on, she would have stayed with her until she died. Really I feel for my mother losing her mother and sister all in a year. She is an amazingly strong person. She has lost so many loved ones so close to her but has held her head up high and strengthened others around her. It was nice to have her for the few days that I did. Unfortunately she needed to get back to Pennsylvania to be with Aunt Patty's family, so on Saturday she headed back to Pennsylvania. I contemplated driving out to Utah with the kids alone, but then realized what a disaster it may have been had I (still suffering with morning sickness at 19 weeks grrrrr) tried to battle barfing kids and staying awake ( because we all know that I can drive max 3 hours without falling asleep). This week I miss my siblings a lot. Thank heavens I have my own kiddos to keep me preoccupied.
Here are some pictures of us at Riverbend Park. Mom and I had a good time watching Kevin and the kids being adventurous.
My mama and I hanging out at the park. Can't see the belly too much but it is big and there. I am about 19 weeks prego and still sick, yes barfing at times. I have never gone this far being sick so I'm counting on any day this sickness going away. Kevin has finally felt him move. Just this past Wednesday. Oh and yes it is a he. We are sooooo excited. Probably Kevin most because if it was a girl I was determined to call her Ryan Elizabeth Robertson. I have been asking for this name for about 5 1/2 years now. Kevin objects because his brother Ryan;)
Kevin said this rock would skip 6 times. Maybe better luck next time. I think 5 times was the most he got.

Brave little girl holding on to the crayfish with big claws.

Olivia is so stinking brave. She did not even flinch.

Madalyn knows she doesn't like to get hurt, so she holds the crayfish long enough for the picture. What a brave little girly.
After seeing Olivia could do it, Jaydn knew this would be cake walk.

When we first got to the park they were just wading in the water, by the end they were going to water as deep as their chests. I love that they have each other to lean off of!

They kept running in and out in and out totally having tons of fun giggling and singing.

Kevin and Jaydn spent about 15 minutes trying to catch this fish with their bare hands. Sooo funny to watch them. And guess what ...

This is the fish they caught with their bare hands. Kevin is super quick and really amazes me sometimes. Good job Jaydn and Kevin!
I must say that we had a good time having Amma here. I am grateful for my mom and miss her dearly. Fortunately we will be able to go back to Utah to visit our family and hopefully she will be there so we can hang out a little more. See you soon Utah Family! Yippeee!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Having fun with Amma. Yeah for peanut butter cookies.
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