Sunday, April 26, 2009


Thank you Jana for letting us try out the bumbo.

Gabriella's friend Kooper.
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Cute cousins

Cali and Ellie

Went to see Angelee's new baby girl.
Cali, Charlee, and Ellie

Cali and Ellie

Twinners. I pulled out some of the twins old clothes and brought over
a matching outfit for Cali to put on. Thanks Jana for playing dress
up with our sweet girls. They do look a bit alike in this picture.
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Beale Airforce Base airshow

This plane was so small

This plane holds 65 missiles total

Flippin huge plane. Cargo airplane.

One wing which holds 20 missile
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Beale Airforce Base

All the gang.

Paige, Grace, Jaydn, Lilly, Maddy, and Owen in a Helicopter.
Wow what cute kids!

Goose, Maverick, and Iceman
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Our Garden

Rob helped us plant our first garden. If you look close Maddy is doing some of her own digging.

Gabriella is such a sweet baby girl.
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Lilly likes to sing and play the piano. It is so stinking cute!

Lilly(left) Madalyn (right)

Jaydn wanted a turn playing the piano too!

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San Luis Obispo Trip

Maddy loved playing in the sand and here she is showing me all the sand in her cute little fingers

Lilly and Jaydn running from the water! Sooo cute!

My awesome friends from SLO. Janese and Sarah.
We should have waited 15 minutes to take this picture so
Jen could be in it too! We love you Jen!
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Easter Morning

Jaydn got new shades for Easter.

Lilly loved her candy!

I love Maddy's expression.

Jaydn seperating his candy for trading.
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Easter Dresses and Ties

I love this picture because this is my life! Nothing is ever perfect!
Lilly (Lft), Jaydn holding Ella, and Maddy (right)

My two boys! They are so handsome!

All the girlies!

Our Awesome Easter picture.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

San Luis Obispo 2nd Ward Easter Egg Hunt

Here is Jaydn counting to make sure he has all 8 of his eggs.
Each child was given a sticker and they were to hunt for the eggs that had the same
mark as their sticker had on it. It was fun and took the children some time. I think they
appriciated finding their own eggs.

Olivia, Madalyn, and Kevin were hunting for a long time to find their eggs.

Here is Kevin helping Olivia (left) and Madalyn (right) count to make sure
they found all 8 eggs.

Olivia was super excited to have helped Madalyn find one of her eggs. Madalyn just
wanted the to see what the treat inside was and how soon she could eat it. It was super fun hanging out with
our friends back in SLO town!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oakland Temple

Jaydn hanging out waiting for the Amber to come out of the Temple.

Lilly and Maddy hanging out at the top of the temple.

They loved being on the Temple grounds.

Do you see Kevin, Jaydn, and Gabriella?

I will be posting more picts of Easter later!
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