Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

Trunk or Treating at the church

Snow White (Olivia) was rocking out on her way home from trunk or treating!

Ella was a butterfly and her costume was a bit hot. Kev baked a home made peach pie that should have won the pie baking contest but I think they were trying to be nice to the people who made pies that needed a boost of confidence J/K. They new Kev did not need that boost! (lol)

Here is the family all dressed up in costume!
Jaydn is a scarry tiger!

Here are my two beautiful princesses! Snow White (Lilly) and Cinderella (Maddy)

Love my Hubby!

I love being Married to Kevin. He is amazing at everything he does.
He is the best Architect in town. (And has been told by a few different clients)
He is an amzing Dad - ask my kids they would not want any other Dad! Lol
He is a great husband. He really cares about our happiness.
He is the best Soccer Coach ever! At least Jaydn and I think so!
We love him tons!