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Jaydn celebrated his 5th Birthday on October 19th

I did not get to post on his birthday a few months ago so here is to make up for it! Our big 5 year old at Halloween!

Hilarious Picture when we were growing his hair out for Aunt Katie's wedding. Katie's request.

Aunt Katie told him to pop the collar and what a stud. Jaydn is almost 5 here!

Our little cutie pie who had just turned 3.

Jaydn loves his Daddy. He just turned 4.

More Jaydn turning 5

He is 3 and loves Halloween.

He second birthday. Love the new back pack.

At age 1. Wow that looks like Ellas now!

Jaydn's first Christmas.

Our newborn baby boy.

We love our Boys

Kev and Jaydn are so much alike it is crazy. Jaydn even talks smack just like his Daddy these days! Kevin thinks it is hilarious. We are so greatful for his cute personality!

Pictures for the christmas card!

Yes the perfect picture of all of our kids is with Grandma and Grandpa,
they love Papa and Grammy.

Christmas Letter of 2009

Here is the Christmas Letter we sent out this year. Some of you may be receiving this already but we do not have all of your addresses so we thought we would share our letter via our blog. Enjoy!

Top Ten Reason’s Why Christmas of 2009 will be amazing for the Robertson Family this Year

10. Family Christmas Eve party: Our growing children will learn a little more about the birth of our Savior as they role play the first Christmas.

9. Christmas Music: Listened to daily, we are reminded of the spirit of Christmas.
We enjoy watching our children get excited (and dance) over familiar songs.

8. Family: As seen on the Greeting Card, 4 happy and healthy children who found so many other fun things to look at instead of the camera, and parents, who couldn't help but laugh while watching them during our try at that perfect holiday picture.

7. The Christmas Tree: Kevin searches for hours with the kids to find the perfect tree and then we all laugh while he tries to strap it to the van. This yea…

Fun at Josh and Mal's House

Michael, Kev, Josh, and Dad

Madalyn, Kelsey, and Olivia. The twins wanted their hair like Aunt Kelsey.

Cute Flowers Girls. Grandma did a great job on their hair. You can't tell
there is a braid on the side of each of their hair. All you need to know is
that it was cute.

Liz, Mom, Mal, and Kelsey. Christy and Shannon were there too


The Soccer Season was so much fun. We miss it already.