Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am starting to feel like a pioneer woman. Really I wanted some strawberry freezer jam because I absolutely love that stuff. I told a couple friends about making jam a couple years ago and it turned into a weekly canning session for the last three weeks. We canned strawberry freezer jam, peach freezer jam, gape cooked jam, and pickles.
We are official caners baby! Kevin's mom provided the fresh peaches off of her tree which were so good. Angelee provided the cucumbers from and friends garden and pure grape juice made by a friend, and we bought the fresh strawberries from farmers market here in Oroville. It was actually pretty cool to figure out together how to make the stuff. At one point we all thought of what our mothers used to do and were able to figure out how to seal the jars. And yes the pickles did finally seal today, was a little worried about that one.
Thanks Rae and Angelee for motivating me into canning.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to you.

Kevin turned 33 today. We celebrated by just chillin at home today. We had plan to go on the lake with our family but beings that it was too cold today we did not go. So we just hung out. It was about 75 degrees today. Crazy being two days ago it was 109. What is up with this weather? It was raining this morning as well. Wish the weather could have cooperated for Kev's birthday. Poor Kevin has strep thoat and on antibiotics. He was super sick yesterday and feeling better today.

Kevin loves the manog nectar. So we got him two from Costco. They were suppose to be for breakfeast but did not get them out in time.

Gabriella found a new hobby, opening presents.

Then for the evening we went to Celestino's Pizza (yum), had cake and ice cream, then went to play couples tennis. It was a fun evening. We appreciate our friends who were able to spend the evening with us for Kev's birthday.

Our Annual Trip to the Butte County Fair

It was the hottest day of the week. Only 109, yikes it was hot. So we took the kids to the fair at 7:30pm which is totally crazy because we usually put them to bed at 7:30 pm but it is tradition for us and too hot to go earlier then that.

Jaydn being an awesome big brother to Ella.

Love this little helper.

Gabriella loved petting the animals. It was so stinking cute.

Olivia was such a cute cow girl riding the pony was lots of fun for her.

Jaydn could do this with no problem. I was waiting for him to tell the pony to giddy up and go faster.

Madalyn's pony wanted to catch up to the rest. She loved riding on it. Pony rides for all the kids except Ella. I tried to put Ella on and she shook her head no and started to cry. So cute.

Olivia, Madalyn, and Jaydn rode the dragon and loved it. It was fun to see them so nervous but then have a ton of fun.
Such a fun filled evening with the kids. We like the Butte County Fair because it is really kid friendly.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jaydn's first day of 1st grade.

First grade with Mrs. Zebley. Jaydn was so ready to start school. We got to the class and there were about three classmates crying. So sad! I am so grateful Jaydn loves to go to school. I do feel a little bad that he is going from playing, singing, and having fun in Kindergarten to school where they need to start focusing on text book material. He is not bothered by it at all yet. It is crazy to see your kids grow. I thought having Ella all alone would be wonderful and it is nice but I really do miss my other kids. They are all having fun, but it is such a big change for me.

This kid loves to pose. Kevin was able to walk Jaydn to school today with me. It was nice. He had a break after his meeting. Kevin started his first day of teaching Seminary. He teaches the seniors. He has been preparing for the last 3 weeks. He will be such a great teacher. He deserves this calling from what I hear. Apparently he was not the best seminary student. Hopefully his students will appreciate him a little more then he appreciated his teacher.

This is one excited kid!

American Idol

This guy was pretty awesome live. It is crazy that a year ago all the singers were just ordinary people. Wow how their lives have changed.

I had to laugh at his facial expressions though.

As you can see I went to the top ten American Idol Concert live at Arco Arena in Sacramento. First concert ever. I must admit that I did not watch it this season as much as I have in the past. Kevin loves to watch the try outs mainly for a good laugh. I did not even remember all of their names. But once I saw them I remembered who I liked and did not like. Hey I'm not very good with names anyway. I can tell you what they look like but names can't remember them.

Do you like how we are trying to make sure our heads were not cut off in the picture.

While in the bathroom we see a flash and wondered what Raeanne was doing taking pictures in the bathroom. Here it is. Love the face Rae!

Here are the top ten. So I have to say that my favorite performance was from Siobhan. It was crazy weird but most entertaining. My favorite voice was DiDi. She has such a fun voice. And I really just like Casey all around. He played 5 different guitars in the three songs that he played. He plays the guitar very well. But I wanted to hear him sing more then play. Still like the guy though.
I know my votes are against everything you have watched on AI. Maybe because live is different and maybe because I did not watch it enough.

I had a good laugh at Angelee looking through her 3-yr-old son Joshie's binoculars.
Thanks girls for the fun.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Girls Started Preschool. Wow Their first day of school.

What an adventure trying to get everyone ready for the day before 7:45 am. It was an exciting morning in our house. Everyone was so excited for Olivia and Madalyn to experience going to Preschool.

Jaydn loves to be silly for the camera.

Here is Madalyn finishing her break feast and very excited to go to her first day of school.

Olivia can not contain her giggles she is very gitty. Jaydn tells them all the time that preschool is so fun.

This is Ella smiling for the camera. One of my very favorite faces of the many she does.

Olivia, Jaydn, and Madalyn

Here is Madalyn hugging Olivia. Man they are so big and cute.

Little did we know that we were really an hour early. So Dad at least got to take them to school and play for a little while before he went to his meetings that morning.(Left to Right Madalyn, Kevin, Olivia).

Madalyn (Left) and Olivia (Right) sitting in their cubbies. How fun!

Olivia is heating up her hands to play with this board. It is similar to a mood ring it changes color according to the heat of your hands. Madalyn's hands were already warm. They love the class room and all the different activities there are to do.

Line up to go outside. (Maddy)

Ready to play outside and waiting patiently in line. (Olivia)

Second day and they are ready to get to school. Here they are showing off their new school clothes. They got to pick out their outfits. I helped them with some options though.

1980's rock

So Rae, Mikila and I had a party for Angelee's 30th birthday. We through a 80's party. It was fun. We asked all the guests to dress as if they were in the 1980's. We had tons of fun having yummy food, cupcakes, looking at old high school pictures of the Oroville gang, playing twister, eating more, and celebrating Angelee's birthday. The after party was held at the roller skating rink. It was tons of fun.

Nick and Angelee. Cute Outfit. We took her to forever 21 where we made her buy this outfit for the night. Thanks for being such a good sport.

Here is Pamela Anderson a.k.a. Mikila.

Here are Sam and Lindsey. Loved their outfits. Got to love thrift store shopping for dressing up. Yes she found leg warmers at the thrift store. I love the leg warmers.

Dustin and Christina. Love the hair Tiny bopper.

Wow check out those leggings. Seriously she is sporting this while she is prego. Only Rae can look that good and still be prego. Who knew that Rob had such mad skills on skates. I hear that my sister-in-law was and maybe still is pretty much just as good or better.

Great minds think alike. Christina and Angelee.

That is one hot guy. We (well I) loved dressing up. Kev is such a good sport when it comes to my crazy ideas.

Here are all the ladies at the roller rink. Thanks Erica and Than for coming. Erica is ready to pop so she opted not to skate. But they came to watch us crazies.

We shopped for Angelee's outfit in forever 21 at the mall and then went to sears to change. This is the picture of after we changed. Why Sears? Because it was the store that had a bathroom closest to an exit. We were off to Angelee's house to surprise her with all the guests dressed in 80's as well.

Angelee, Rae, and Mikila walking out of Sears. It was a really fun evening. Happy Birthday Angelee!

A week of Fun with Three of the Egger Boys

Jaydn coming down the slide at the Carter's pool head first. Crazy Kiddo.

For one week I had 7 kiddos living in my house. With 4 boys and 3 girls all under age 11 things were a bit more hectic, a bit more tiring, and a bit more fun. So just about everyday we decided to leave the house and go swimming. Let me just tell you that it took about 1 hour for me to get into the pool by the time I sun screened all of them, zipped up life jackets, and helped them go potty. It was well worth it though. I give props to my mom and my mother-in-law for having 12 and staying sane. I must admit I thought it was going to be harder then it was.

Carter and Olivia hanging out it the hot tub where it was nice and cool.

Bryce was master of the slide. He could climb up those rocks by the slide like it was cake walk.

Ok so Camden said Aunt Liz take a picture of this, so I got the camera ready and took a picture. I did not realize he was going to hang on the rim. He has some mad ups. The scary part was that the entire hoop almost splashed into the pool with him thankfully it did not.

Here is Cam Diggers again jumping from the rocks. So fun.

Here are the cuties pies that hung out all week long. They got along very well. I must say that I really had a great time with the kids. I really had the opportunity to get to know my nephews better. It is hard when they live 4 hours away. I thought it would be fun to do again next summer.