Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today we painted!

Jaydn was pretty good about staying clean while painting!

Lilly was a bit more messy! What is fun without a mess! Especially when you are two!

Maddy definately won for the most messy painter! She had a blast painting herself too!
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Jaydn's Fro

Posted by PicasaSo we are growing Jaydn's fro out a bit! He looks like he has a mane! He saw a man at Jamba Juice that had a blonde fro so big it looked like a wig and he thought it was the coolest hair ever!

Lilly and Maddy have tons of fun together!

Whenever the girls get into a little disagreement they give lovies to make up! It is pretty cute!

Madalyn loves to give her big sister Olivia hugs!
(Olivia on the left and Madalyn on the right)
It is tons of fun to see them happy together!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mom and the Bowser girls!

Just a picture of the Bowser Girls. I just want my sisters to see how tan I am compared to all of them!
P.S. I am the whitest sister always because I do not have tanable skin!
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Riding horses at Aunt Jill's continued...

Madalyn loved the horse ride just as much as her older brother and sister and did not want to get off either.
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Horseback riding with Aunt Jill in Idaho

We were practicing before we actually got on the horse. So exciting!

Lilly and Maddy love to do things together so we had them ride on the horse together!

Jaydn looooooved riding and did not want to get off!

Olivia was giggling the entire time she was riding. She screamed when her ride was over after 10 minutes.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

All the Blog's I've looked at have tons of family pics so after reviewing this blog I realized Liz and I hadn't actually made it on here yet so... here's a pic of us, enjoy!
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Everybodies blogging it these days so I figured we would finally give in and start one of these things. Life is busy but good, I won't bore everyone now though with paragraphs on that. Overtime I'm hopeful that this blog will keep everyone up to date. Anyway, I figured the perfect way to start this thing out would be to let everyone know that we are expecting our fourth child (and only our fourth), as you can tell by the video, the kids are very excited and so are we. Pictures will follow shortly so keep checking back.