Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

We spent Easter with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Mallory, Uncle Josh, Uncle Brady, Aunt Shannon, Aunt Kelsey, Uncle Michael, Payton, and Scarlett. We had tons of fun looking for baskets, eggs, going to Sarah Henry's Easter Egg hunt, dyeing eggs, playing games, and more. We really enjoyed attending sacrament meeting with the family. It was a ton of fun to be with our extended family this past weekend. We love being so close to family it is a huge blessing.

All the kiddos ready to go find the Easter Eggs that Aunt Mal filled for us. Thank you Aunt Mallory for always doing the Easter Egg hunt.

Ella found some Eggs. She stopped and ate the candy before finding the rest of her eggs. Yes she is wearing big girl panties. She is potty trained. Yipee for us. In the last two days she has gone poo poo on the toilet. Which is a huge accomplishment. We are not completely accident free yet, but we will get there. One accident yesterday and that was Mommy's fault for not helping her get her undies off in time.

Jaydn ready to find more Eggs.

Olivia looking for eggs in Grandma Robertson's backyard.

Madalyn looking for Easter eggs in Grandma Robertson's beautiful back yard.

Our several attempts to take a picture of Payton and Scarlett with our kiddos in their Sunday best.

Ella is being difficult however this was the last picture taken. Probably the best attempt. Scarlett was bribed with candy by this point.

Too many pictures by this point Ella is done. Believe it or not this was the second to last picture to be taken.

Scarlett and Ella need something to distract them.... Oh wait Mal and Liz are trying to entertain them behind the camera. Jaydn you are a silly boy but please just smile. Payton, Payton, up here and smile please. Good job Olivia and Madalyn but can you hold on to the babies a little longer. Really this picture is telling a better story then the perfect one does.

Thank you Uncle Kevin for giving Scarlett an Easter candy, but Ella you need to look at the camera and stop trying to hold "baby Scarlett" who is almost bigger than you in size.

Crazy face picture.

On one of our date nights Madalyn and I saw some beautiful dresses. There were several to choose from at Costco and Madalyn picked this dress, not surprising since her favorite color is yellow. She said it looked like a princess dress. I find it so cute that my little girls love and want to be princesses. Costco has decent prices on their children clothes by the way. When we got home we showed Olivia the new dresses that Madalyn had picked out. Olivia said, " Oh those are cute." I was thrilled that she replied that way and not angry that she was not able to pick the dresses out. I think she was just thrilled to get a new dress. I am grateful that my girlie's get along well for the most part. I have been blessed with some easy going twins. I also love that they still hold strong to their individual personalities.

One of my very favorite parts of Easter is the beautiful dresses that little girls wear. Every Easter as a little girl we would put on our favorite dress to wear to church. Some Easters we had enough money to buy new dresses and that was always a treat. To look our very best on one of the most sacred times in our saviors life seems most appropriate. New dress or Old dress we always wanted to look our very best on Easter.
Olivia, Gabriella, and Madalyn dressed for Easter Sunday.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Six Flags

Waiting for the bus to take us back to the parking lot.

Gabriella was trying to kiss the Tiger. When Olivia turned her back to the Tiger it leaped at her. I screamed and the park employee said, "Wow I'm surprised that the Tiger pounced at your daughter, they do like to prey on the weakest animal." It was a little freaky and a little crazy that it waited until Olivia turned her back.

Waiting to see the dolphin show.

This is Merlin. He was part of the Shouka show. She did not come to the widow very often but finally did and stayed there responding to our movements. It was really cool. At on point he put his nose up to the window where Ella's lips where. Ella was trying to kiss him. It was so cool. Kev took this picture shortly after that happened. It was really neat to see the dolphin responding to us. The second day we were there he was blowing bubbles in the water and then poping them with his nose.

Here we are hanging out with Shouka. She did not respond like the dolphin did though. Ella absolutely loved Shouka and Merlin. She kept asking to go back and see Shouka.

Madalyn on the Mary-go-round. Pretty fun for the kids but not so much for Kev and I.

Olivia on the Gorilla. For whatever reason this was the one animal that all the kids wanted to ride on the mary-go-round. It was a race to see who could get to the gorilla first. Olivia won this time.

Jaydn, Ella, and Mama riding. This was a great ride for Ella but Kev and I got so sick on them that we could only take her a couple of times.

On Friday we took some friends with us and I did not even get my camera out so I'm hoping that I can grab some of their pictures. It was fun to go back a second day and get excited all over again showing friends our favorite parts about the park. Thanks for coming Fairbanks.

Six Flags

The kids had this entire week off for spring break so we wanted to do something fun with them. Kevin suggested six flags. So on Thursday and Friday we went to Vallejo, California and rode a ton of fun rides, saw Shouka the killer whale, watched the Dolphin Show, and saw a ton of safari animals. It was a ton of fun and the kids did really well considering they did not nap and were up for over 12 hours. Ella was a gem. We were surprised she was not more grumpy.

Madalyn and Olivia loved the rides.

Jaydn loved the rides as well. Can you tell he likes the color red. It use to be his favorite color. Now it is his second favorite color. Purple is his favorite, it has nothing to do with the fact that it is Uncle Brady's favorite color too :)

Ella enjoyed the train. It was a little less frightening then the other rides.

Lilly and Daddy riding the roller coaster. If you look close you can see Jaydn and Madalyn in the second to last cart as well. Our kids were pretty brave.

Jaydn and Lilly having tons of fun.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day Two

Jaydn running to home plate after his teammate hit an infield ball.
Jaydn is ready to run to third base. I love how serious this sport is to the players. Yet they look so adorable in their uniforms that are way too big for them. It kind of reminds me of Sand Lot in a way.

Jaydn hit the ball. He has pretty nice form. Thank you Aunt Tracie for this sweet picture.

Each player gets to play a different position every game. This game Jaydn was the catcher. It was so cute to see him in all that gear. I am glad he got this position done before the dead heat of the summer comes.

My blogging madness begins. I am going to try to keep up until I am caught up from the last several months. Today we will talk about baseball.

Jaydn's first year of baseball. Half of the kids on his team are in their third year of playing. Apparently before this league you can play two years of t-ball. He is doing pretty good for starting his first year in Farm league where you are pitched to by a machine. He has hit the ball every time he is up. It takes me back to my soft ball years. I remember being so afraid of the ball in my first years of softball. As time went by I got much better. I was definitely never the best on the team, but I could keep up. So to say the least I think Jaydn gets his natural talent for sports from his Dad. I will admit my siblings are very athletic as well somehow the natural talent skipped my direction. That has not stopped me though, in fact I am on an indoor soccer league with Women over 30. It is soooo fun and I am soooo glad I joined. I have never played soccer before so with the little athletic ability I do have I have learned how to play the sport and I am loving it. I have yet to score a goal but hope to before this season is over. Anyway here are some pictures of my cute little lefty playing baseball for the Devil Rays.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Every time I think about blogging I get a bit overwhelmed at how behind I am. So I will start with what is happening now. Last weekend Aunt Tracie came into town. So we went up to Table Mountain and hiked down one of the small trickling falls. The kids were each able to find a salamander with the help of Uncle Michael, Aunt Tracie, and Kevin.

We had a fun little picnic and enjoyed the outdoors. We found salamanders, lizards, and a frog. Jaydn got to the point where he was easily able to catch a salamander.

Aunt Tracie and Madalyn holding a salamander. We had to dip the salamanders in the water a couple of times to keep them alive. The kids kept them as their pets on the short hike.

Aunt Tracie and Olivia holding another Salamander. I must say the salamanders here in Cali are of a different breed then in Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania the salamanders are very tiny.

Kevin is pro at catching lizards with a weed. He ties a slip knot with a weed and slips it over the lizards head and catches it every time.

Ella was letting the salamander crawl all over her. She kept saying, "It kickles mama" (it tickles) it was so stinking cute.

We love when family comes to visit. We are so blessed to have so many family members.