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While Jaydn was fishing in the river...

While Jaydn was fishing in the river the girls became a bit board. I decided to try to capture the moment of them goofing off.

I love moments like this. Not told to pose but voluntary. Olivia (left) and Madalyn (right).

They were trying to pick eachother up and I requested they look my direction.
So this is somewhat a pose picture. Olivia (left) and Madalyn (right).

They often get so giggly with eachother. It can be so funny and at times a bit annoying.
Olivia (left) and Madalyn (right).

Olivia (left) and Madalyn (right). They are pretty close little girlies.

Woops Madalyn dropped Olivia. Twin girls are awesome to have. I pray they stay close and do not get too difficult in their teenage years.

Official Pictures from the fishing day.





Fishing at the park.

The Kiwanis club has a pancake breakfast before the fishing begins. It is nice because that means I do not have to make breakfast.

Jaydn absolutely loves to fish. His face lit up when he got a bite and then he lost the fish. The next bite he caught this little one. He was super excited until he realized that his fish was the smallest. He is a bit competitive. Just like his parents :)

Olivia caught the biggest fish. She was thrilled. She loves to fish just like her siblings. Too bad we don't have this kind of luck everytime we fish.

Madalyn got a pretty decent size fish and was brave about holding it this year. Last year if it got floppy it really freaked her out and she would drop it. This year she just giggled. Good job Madalyn.

Gabriella loved the experience of fishing. The fish was pretty floppy and she would put it on the ground to try to get away from it but then with her other hand she was still holding on to the rope so when she tried to get away from it, it would follow he…

Preschool Graduation

I can not believe my little girlies have finished preschool and are ready to start Kindergarten. I will admit the first year of their life was one of the longest I will ever remember. After that first year time flew by so quickly. I feel so blessed that they re both healthy happy little girls. There was a time when we wondered if they would be ok. Heavenly Father has blessed us with some amazing twins. They are typically mild in temper and are really good listeners. This past year in preschool they really started to shine as individuals.

Olivia's teacher said this about her....
"Olivia is a great singer and full of fun! She is exicited to be at school and learn. She can usually be found doing her favorite things at school... coloring painting, or cutting art projects. She works carefully and does her best. Outside, Olivia enjoys the swings, riding bikes, and scooters, and playing with friends. Her favorite color is blue. When she grows up, Olivia wants to be a mom." Lilly…