Monday, July 6, 2009

Philippines Restuarant

Kevin has been begging me to stop and eat at this fast food resturant for 7 years now.
Josh (Kevin's brother) also wanted Mal (Josh's wife) to try it out to.
So we ventured out with our families and Tracie (Kev's sister) to eat at this
Pinoy restuant were they do not serve hamburgers but they serve yumbergers.

Our kids enjoyed the yumbergers!

Here is the dessert. It includes shaved ice, garbanzo beans, ube,
corn ice cream, egg plant, jello, coconut milk, coconut, among other things.
It is actually yummy! It was interesting to try though.

Thanks Kev and Josh!
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

We love the Bumbo

Cute Ella fallen asleep!
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Let's go Swimming

Maddy, Lilly, and Ella

Little Ella standing.

Maddy and Lilly excited to go swimming.
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Random Pictures of my cute kids

Maddy was trying out Jaydn's skate's and wanted to be safe.

My trouble maker in time out!

Lilly wanted to try the skate's too but did not want to be touched.

Jaydn was getting ready to play hockey and the phone rang. He loves
to answer the phone.
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Cereal time

By the end of eating she was wanting more. Then bath time. Wow I forgot how
messy cute little babies get. It was a fun evening for us!
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Ella eating cereal for the first time

I love the faces babies make when they first try cereal. Ella did very well.
She enjoyed it for the most part.
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Preschool Graduation

About a month ago Jaydn graduated from preschool. He was so good!

This is our carpool group. They were probably the most well behaved children in
the class.
Jaydn, Alia, Alanah, and Paige

Here is Jaydn and Mrs. Lawton his teacher.
Amazing teacher!

Here are two of Jaydn's friends from preschool.
Kaden, Jaydn, and Raegan.
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Boating with friends.

For Justin's B-day we had the priviledge of going out on the lake with him and his family.
We love his parents and family, they always make us feel welcome! Thank you Hancock family!
Above are the kids hanging out on the beach.

Justin's Dad swung him into the beach it was pretty sweet.

Then he started to lose his speed. This was the second time he was swung in.
I missed the first time. He actually landed on the beach the first time.
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Fire Station

Jaydn was so excited to go to the fire station on a field trip,

They let the kids get in the fire engine and talk to eachother with the head gear.
It was awesome. Jaydn loved it.

Uhhh yeah I put the helmet on backwards! Woops!

Ok here is the front of the helmet. At the time he wanted to grow up to be a fire man.
He changes what he wants to be quite often. He now wants to be in the army. Depends on his mood for the week.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogging on a regular basis is not easy for me.

Ok so I have a hard time blogging on a regular basis. Sorry for that. I see my blog as a journal so I want to blog everything even if has been 6 flippin weeks. I need to find some kind of routine to doing this. Anyway these pictures are from the last 6 weeks and I still need to put more in. So sorry that they are not up to date. But it sure is fun seeing all that we have done in the last 6 weeks.


Maddy was pretty brave

Jaydn was super excited.

Lilly did not realize they are floppy. This is before it started to flop.

This is after it was flopping.
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Fishing with Kiwanis Club

Here are Jaydn and Madalyn trying to catch a fish. They were pretty excited.

Madalyn finally caught one.

Jaydn is still waiting while Kevin is trying to convince Lilly that fishing is fun.

And still waiting! He did finally get one. That was fun for the kids.
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