Sunday, May 15, 2011

What is up with the weather?

So we all awoke from our nap to crashing thunder and lightning. It was pretty cool. As you can see we do not have thunderstorms here very often. So when we do it is something cool to watch.

It started hailing and was pretty loud. FYI it was about 85-90 degrees here last week. Today the girls are all in sweaters for church.

Our flower bed took a little bit of a beating.

Hopefully the garden survived the hail storm. Yikes we may have to replant.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My cute little girlies are different now!

I took Olivia out on a date and asked her if she wanted to get her hair cut? She laughed at me and said, "No Mama." It was the cutest thing ever. What a joke that was to her. Just a few weeks later Madalyn asked if she could get her hair cut. Guess I asked the wrong twin. Madalyn liked the hair cut of a little girl named Alana in her preschool class. We put it off for about a month hoping she would forget. She has brought it up several times. So yesterday I ventured into cutting hair. I usually cut Jaydn and Kevin's hair but no long hair yet. It was harder then it may seem.

You can see why it was hard for me to cut her hair. Look how long a beautiful it is. This is the before shot.

Then I used these bad boys.

We cut a nine inch braid off of her hair. She absolutely loves it. Walking to take Jaydn to school this morning, she was shaking her hair from side to side. She is so cute.

Don't look too close. She has thicker hair then I realized.

Olivia is determined to keep her hair long. She loves her hair. Now you will be able to tell the difference between the twins from the front and back. Madalyn has short hair and Olivia has long hair. That was one of the first comments Olivia made, "Now people can tell us apart Mama."

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Potty training moment.

So on Tuesday afternoon I realized that I was having the missionaries over for dinner at 6 pm. By this time the kids were napping and it was near 1:00. I realized that I needed to go to the store to get some food for a nice dinner. Typically when I'm not caught up with my grocery shopping I would have just put something together real quick from the pantry. However I felt the missionaries deserved better. So I picked Jaydn up from school by 2:30 and ventured out to the grocery store with all 4 of my kiddos. Ella went potty right before we left so I figured I had about one hour until she needed to go again. Plenty of time to get the shopping I needed done for dinner and get back home. So we went to the bread store then went to Food Maxx. Of course you see a ton of people who you know when you are in a hurry and they all feel like it is catch up time at the store. I would think that just seeing a mom with 4 kids crawling in and out of the cart would be enough of a clue to keep it short with a hi. Young moms have a limited time frame with our kids at the store before the store is torn apart and your ready to sell your kids to those who think they are so cute. Anyway, so I found some killer deals on a couple of items. One being lunch meat. With the coupon that was attached you ended up paying only 44 cents for the lunch meat. Again when you are feeding 4 little kiddos you jump on sales like this. So I bought about 22 packages. Then another sale on fruit snacks, with the coupon you only paid 64 cents for a box of fruit snacks, so another sale I jumped on and bought 12 boxes. So the kids were being pretty good the entire time and then it was check out time. I am usually pretty organized when it comes to loading sales and coupons on the conveyor belt so the cashier can have an easy experience. Well as half the groceries are loaded Ella starts to scream, " Potty Mama Potty. This was right after the Lady told me that I would have to have three separate transactions for the fruit snacks. I was able to get one transaction in as Ella screams, "Potty Mama Potty". So I look at the lady and ask if I can run her to the bathroom because she is new at going potty. Poor lady had half of my groceries on the conveyor belt and half in the basket. Then she had to take off 22 coupons from this meat and scan them all in. So she tells me to go to the bathroom and come back to pay after which she calls for a second cashiers help. We made it to the bathroom. All the kids went potty and when we came back there was a cashier finishing our groceries, one on her side with the 22 coupons, and another one who had bagged all of my groceries. I was so grateful for the service I received and a little embarrassed that it took 3 cashiers to check me out. But the experience was definitely memorable for me and the long line of patient customers behind me. Thank you Food Maxx!