Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On the way to Reno we stopped at Cabella's

This is outside of Cabella's. Jaydn is so done taking pictures! He is a bit cold too!

Madalyn (Left) and Olivia (Right) are making their piggy noses. They are so cute!
They are into holding hand these days and I love to catch them doing it. In this picture I told them to hold hands though!

If you ever decide to take your family to Reno on a free vacation and stay in a Casino Hotel because you sat through a time share seminar
for your neice (Jodi, I love you tons) to get extra points on her time share and
you were given one, think of these things first.

-Lots of smoke inside all the buildings.
-There are designated areas that do not allow smoking
but they are still filled with smoke.
-Your son is wondering what a cigarette is and you have
to give him a life lesson at a young age.
-The room next to you may have weird people in it and you can hear their conversations.
-Lots of gambling that you really can't go around if you want to eat at a buffet.
You just have to walk through the slot machines hoping your son does not pull one down.
-Poor little children with beat red eyes by the end of the
night because of all the smoke.
-It is not the easiest to cart luggage for a small family of five
to the tenth floor.
-You may not want to take a cooler or you will really look out of place.

Lets just say this was a one time thing. We probably will look for a better place to take the kids next time! It was our first official
vacation with our little family. We made the best of it, laughed a lot and wore ourselves out trying to find good, healthy fun!
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Jaydn hold a gun pretty good. He just picked it up and started to pretend to hunt the deer.

I was impressed with Lilly's skills of holding the gun too!

Madalyn is really concentrating on shooting that deer. I love her concentrated look!

Madalyn was the only one brave enough to put on the coon hat! Looks silly!
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Cabella's is amazing.

We took the kids to see all the real animals at Cabella's. I remember as a little
girl going to Cabella's with my parents in Wyoming. The kids loved all the animals.
We had to explain they are real but are not alive! They understood it!

Here is the fierce Lion attacking the Zebra! It is crazy how well the
taxedermist (sp?) is able to make the animals look so real!

Jaydn liked the cheetah attacking the gazell.

The Zebra looks like it is posing for the picture too!
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The Bounce House Place in Reno, NV

Olivia and Madalyn loved this place. I could totally picture this place
being a fun date night with a bunch of couples. It was this warehouse
with a bunch of bounce houses. I have heard of it before, but it was super fun to take
the kids to.

Do not let this slide fool you. I about peed my pants when I went down it. I was
nervous that a pregnant lady may not want to go down so quickly! This was one of
Jaydn's favorite!

Madalyn was having a blast in the simple bounce house. She is such a cutie pie!

This is Jaydn going throug the obstacle course.
He was cute racing other kids throughit.
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Circus Circus

We were watching a pretty cool dog show at Circus Circus!

The man was a little weird but I guess he was suppose to be! Freaky!

Here are some of the toys we won and were given after the first day of going to Circus Circus.
We must have had signs on us that said please give us coupons, tickets, and prizes we need them.
5 different people came up to us and gave us tickets, prizes, or coupons of the three times we went there! It was kind of crazy.
We ended up giving 65 tickets away because the kids had so much anyway and we were done and were not coming back again!

This was Jaydn's favorite game. It ended up being broken, we only put one quarter in it
and the game was never ending. We felt bad about it and decided to tell the management. The kids each
recieved a prize worth 100 tickets. The lady wanted to reward them for being honest!
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Circus Circus in Reno

Getting ready to go play some games.

Jaydn riding the motorcycle!

Madalyn loved this bike and did not want to get off.
Hmmm... Harley Chick or What?

Lilly was into the guns! She may act innocent but watch out!
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Reno Trip Cont.

On our way to Reno, we stopped on Donner pass to let the kids get out and see the snow!
Jaydn was in Heaven!

I am not fond of this picture of myself but this is the only one we could get of Maddy!
Maddy was not liking the cold or snow!

Lilly loved the snow too! This is one of my favorite pictures of Daddy and Lilly!

It was a bit chilly!
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Random Pictures too cute not to Blog!

Jaydn found the costume box and put on these cat ears.
It was hilarious since he was in his underware. Awesome Picture!

This is my cute little Lilly getting in trouble. She had a bit of a melt down. We had
to talk about how that is not Ok and this is her sorry little face!

This is another random picture. Lilly fell asleep before I could get her down for nap time!
I love that all three of my children still take good naps once a day!
It is a huge break for me. Now that I am in my last trimester I am taking naps with them
on a lot of the days!

This is a typical whining face of Maddy! It is kind of funny!
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I know Super Late but here are some picts. of Halloween Night!

Jaydn trying to rip off Lilly's wing.
Madalyn is wondering what the heck is this crazy cowboy doing and do I need to jump in!

Madalyn loves the candy. Look how focused she is on opening the candy.

We did not even ever see Olivia open the candy she is so quick!

Cute little fairy princesses at Grandma Robertson's house after Halloween.
Grandma treated us to some home made cinnamon rolls and orange rolls with Hot Chocolate!
It was fun! It was only Dad, Mom, Kevin, and I there handing the rest of the candy out! We
played games and had fun. The Robertson household is so small these days! We are excited for the holidays
when we will be able to fill the house up again!
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk or Treat

At the ward trunk or treat the children had a parade. Lilly and Maddy grabbed hands because they were unsure what they
were suppose to be doing. This is one of those cute moments when having a sibling is helpful!
Aren't they cute little fairy princesses. Maddy in the pink and Lilly in the green.

Jaydn was a cowboy and very handsome too!

Kevin and I are bacon and eggs. Poor Kev, nobody new what he was unless they saw me.
This was the best costume we could find without duplicating anyone else. It was hard to find
a costume that would look ok with my big belly. Everyone kept saying when is the yolk going to pop? (when is the baby due)
Kev is such a good sport! We love him tons!
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More Pumpkin Patch

Jaydn and the girls were excited to ride the train.

My cute boys!

Daddy and his little girlies!

I love my sweet son!
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