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We love to do hair!

This is our Maddy. She loves to style hair. She asked if I wanted my hair done. I said sure. If you know me well, you will know that I have a very sensitive head and one of my biggest pet peves is getting my hair pulled. How could I say no.

So as I was folding laundry I grin and bared it while she pinned my head down with clippies.

Yes that is a bump-it. Thank you to my good friend LeAnne who new that deep down I was wanting one really bad! lol

Glass Beach

In Fort Bragg, CA there is this beach called Glass Beach. It does not have sand and most would think it was just a bunch of Rocks, but it is really all glass. The glass is from a land fill years ago when they legally threw garbage in the ocean. It's pretty neat. The freakish thing about this beach is how friendly the squirrels are.

Here is Kevin coaxing the squirrel to climb on Josh's stomach for some food.

It worked the squirrel is on Josh's (Kev's brother) stomach eating pretzels. Crazy Crazy Crazy.

Glass Beach feeding the squirrels.

The squirrels at Glass beach are not afraid of people.

Here is Kevin feeding one.

They stocked up on the pretzels we were giving them.

Lilly feeding a squirrel.

Maddy feeding a squirrel.

Jaydn feeding a squirrel.
The more I think about it, the more I realize that if they would have been bitten, we would have been in the ER getting some shots. But hey if they did not feed the squirrels then we would not have a fun story to tell.

Having fun at the beach. (Fort Bragg, CA)

Ella loved the Sand Dollar beach. She was an angel there.

Daddy caught a sand crab for Jaydn to play with.

Jaydn loved playing in the sand.

Jaydn was trying to make sure the crab that Kevin caught were getting enough water.

Kevin, his brothers, and his Dad caught about 6 or 7 of these crab. I was in charge of holding one and I was nervous the entire time.

This is everyone at the beach that came to look at the Crab. LOL

Here is Papa Robertson hanging out with Olivia, Madalyn, and their cousins.

They had a blast at the beach.

Here are some pictures from the last Robertson get together in Pioneer California at Christy and Rob's cabin. We had a blast.

We are super excited for some more cousin fun this weekend. Eggers, Netteseims, and Robertson cousins we are stoked to see you all! Fort Bragg, California Rocks. It is going to be pretty cold but we are so excited to camp and play at the beach. We are going to miss our Alaska family (John and Tracie Lewis). See you all tommarrow night!

GI Joe Movie

So Kevin's brother has a huge collection of G.I. Joes. Crazy I know, but really it's very cool. So when the new movie came out his entire family was at Christy's (Sister-in-law) Cabin and we dressed up to go see the first showing at midnight. It was pretty fun. I was dressed up as Bazooka and Kevin was dressed up as Sargent Slaughter. Her are some pictures of the preparation for the "Big Night".

Kevin's man is top left guy (upside down)
My guy is the very bottom right.

Even Kevin's mom helped sew costumes. She is a great sport! We did this for you Josh! It was fun too!

Nice chest Kevin!

Here is a cute picture of Joel with Cali (Left) and Ella (right)! SO cute that they are both asleep with their uncle Joel!