Lets Try Again

This past year I have tried to put the idea that I need to post in the back of my mind.  Thinking that it was not important to me to keep a online journal of my family.  After all I have a personal journal for each of my kiddos that I write in from time to time.  This idea of posting will not leave my mind.  It won't go away for a couple of valid reasons.  One is that I have a horrible memory and I want to be able to remember what it was like to raise my children.  Another being some days it is nice to hear about your own childhood and learn more about yourself.  I would like to offer that to my kiddos.  Pictures help me to remember.  Most of my pictures bring a sense of joy as well.  So here it goes... I am going to try to keep a regular blog again.  I was reminded by my amazing mother-in-law that poor Thomas has not even made it to my blog.  This is were I will begin again.

Wednesday December 14, 2011    at 7:47 a.m.  another sweet baby was born into the Robertson Family.
Thomas Jett Robertson.  Weighing 7lbs 14 1/2 ounces 18 1/2 inches long.  Thomas was named after his grandpa Thomas Frank Robertson who we admire and love deeply.  We are grateful to the example Tom (grandpa/Dad) is in our lives of an amazing father and grandfather.  Truly it fills the void of my dad as well.  My dad passed away when I was 15.  Tom, who I call Dad, knows how to make us laugh with his corky jokes, keep up with his competitive spirit of gaming, and how to keep the Spirit of our Savior ever around us.   He is an amazing grandpa and an awesome person to be around.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  With that said, you can understand why we chose to name our son after him.  Jett the middle name is just a name that Kevin and I really liked.  Ironically Thomas was born at 7:47.  However this is not the reason we used Jett for his middle name.

Thomas has been the easiest baby that I have had.  He smiles sooo much.  He is a very happy baby and such a joy to be around.  

                                                                    Day one for Thomas

Meet your older sisters and proud big brother.
Wow 5 kiddos.  We are going to have fun.

The same day I delivered Thomas my sweet little Olivia and Madalyn had their Christmas program.  I was very sad to have missed seeing them in their very first school concert.  They did great and lucky for them Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Michael, Grandma Bowser, Dad, Gabriella, and Jaydn were all able to attend it.

I will post more for a run down of the last year and try to catch back up. Hooray for Thomas he finally made our blog and he is only 9 months old!


Angelee said…
That is so cool that you have pictures from the future...considering December 2012 hasn't even happened yet!!!
And more importantly, I didn't know tom's middle name was frank. I like it. Is it anybody's middle name?
jana said…
Yipee! I love blogs. I'm excited to see more pics of my nieces and nephews... and my brother and sister in law :) I want to see a recent pic of Thomas, please.

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